New Build, Designs & Installation

New Build, Designs & Installation


Delivering the Complete Domestic Electrical Service Solution

Paul Hunt Electrical Installations have been central to various New Build Sites and existing renovation projects, due to our experienced and highly skilled contractors.

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Our registered contractors have extensive experience in all manner of domestic properties. Whether it’s a new build or an older property, we are fully prepared to take you from design to installation. Firstly, we will guide you through all the technical and legislative issues you must consider when preparing for your installation.


No matter the size of your property, systematic planning is essential. Considering the negative consequences that can derive from poor electrical installations, poor planning can be just as detrimental to you. Our experienced team will ensure that there is minimal impact on your precious time. With comprehensive schematics, you can be assured that all requirements and goals are covered.

Project Management

Whether it’s the installation of an electrical system in a new build or the refurbishment of an existing system, it’s essential to manage the project effectively. Communication is key. Therefore, we ensure that we keep you up-to-date whilst enabling you to carry on with your life as usual. Our highly-skilled team takes the stress out of dealing with multiple contractors at different times. Our team works efficiently together and proactively tackles any issues. In essence, we keep you in the loop without taking up your valuable time.


Our team has extensive experience working with new and old installations of low voltage, single and multicore wiring. Most noteworthy, we have experience in small or large-scale domestic electrical installations. Whether mains, single or 3 phase electrical power systems, we have specialist electricians to handle any installation.

Contact Paul Hunt Electrical Installations today to discuss your project with a qualified contractor. Whatever your electrical needs, we will take you from design to installation. Overall, we will keep you up to date so that you can carry on as usual, while ensuring your new installations are legally compliant.