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The Electricity At Work Regulations 1989 places legal responsibility on the owner of an electrical installation to prevent electrical accidents.

These regulations call for all electrical systems and apparatus which are, or may be, attached to the electrical installation, to be maintained in a safe condition so that individual users may be protected from electrical shock or fire hazards.

In a rapidly changing technological world together with an ever increasingly regulated environment it is becoming difficult to keep up with the technological infrastructure and your legal obligations.

When Companies expand, it’s sometimes easier to just keep on adding to their existing installations, often overlooking that they could be creating an overloading situation, which could lead to failure and major downtime in
the future.

Paul Hunt Electrical can provide a full consultancy and design service enabling us to guide you through the technical and legislative issues, leaving your company with an electrical system that not only meets your needs not only for today but also for tomorrow.

...our clients have come to know that their electrical work is in capable hands.

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