Three Phase Power

Three Phase Power


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What is a Three Phase Power System?

Single phase and three phase power systems refer to electrical systems that use Alternating Current (AC). AC power operates with a flow of electricity that is constantly changing direction. Whether a building requires a single or three phase system depends on the need for continuous delivery of power.

Large commercial and industrial buildings will usually operate under a three-phase system. In brief, the reason for this is to provide a constant rate of power to meet commercial demands. Whereas, residential properties use a single phase system. Our contractors have extensive experience in the installation and maintenance of single phase and three phase power systems in a variety of large commercial projects.

Whether it’s a car showroom, school, factory or property development, Paul Hunt Electrical Installations are fully prepared for the task. Firstly, we will guide you through all the technical and legislative issues you must consider when preparing to upgrade or maintain your installation.

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Three Phase System

Three Phase systems consist of three cables operating at a voltage of 120 degrees. They are ideal for units requiring an excess of 1000 watts. This includes power grids, mobile towers, and other high load systems.

Single Phase System

In a single phase system, there is one neutral wire and one power wire with current flowing between them. The voltage rates vary, peaking between 90 and 270 degrees. Single phase power systems are ideal for units that have a 1000 watt limit. Residential properties commonly utilise single phase systems as the demand for power varies.

Paul Hunt Electrical Installations place importance in the systematic planning of the installation and maintenance of your power systems. Poor planning can be just as detrimental to your business, and so we advice based on cost efficiency and minimal downtime. Whether mains, single or 3 phase electrical power systems, we have specialist electricians to handle any installation.