Maintenance Works

Maintenance Works


Delivering the Complete Commercial Electrical Service Solution

Our team has extensive experience in electrical maintenance works, whether fire alarms, security systems, heating, or lighting.

In addition, our contractors are fully trained in the installation and maintenance of single phase and three phase power systems in a variety of large commercial projects.

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Firstly, What are the Regulations?

The Electricity At Work Regulations 1989 places the legal responsibility on the owner of an electrical installation to prevent electrical accidents. In addition, offices are subject to The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 of England and Wales. Overall, these regulations are to ensure all electrical systems and apparatus receive regular maintenance works, in order to protect users are from electrical shocks or fire hazards. Commercial building and offices must hold condition reports for all electrical installations. Furthermore, we can carry out complete maintenance works on your fire alarm systems, as well as install conventional and addressable systems.

Consider Re-wiring

Overall, it is likely that old installations are inadequate to deal with the demand for electrical devices and will require re-wiring or maintenance works carried out. Often it can be most cost-effective in the long run to upgrade your systems rather than maintaining old electrical installations.

Problems Associated with Old Electrical Installations Include:

Old Distribution/Panel Board

A component of an electrical system which houses an assembly of switches, fuses and/or circuit breakers in an enclosure. Often, old panel boards will lack a residual current device (RCD), which prevents direct contact electrical shocks. In order to comply with standards, all systems must have an RCD.

Old wires & Poor Connections

Old wires and insulation materials that perish and corrode over time causing overheating and pose a fire risk.

Lack of Basic Earthing

Inadequate or missing Main Earth cables. Basically, lighting circuits did not have Earthing until 1967. Earthing is necessary to prevent shocks and fire hazards, providing a path to automatically disconnect dangerous currents.

Old Switches & Sockets

Plugs, sockets, and switches have been developed over time to maximise safety, prevent overheating and prevent shocks. Sometimes, old electrical installations may have very accessible circuits or exposed wires. This particularly poses a risk for the safety of children.


Are you looking to upgrade your security or emergency lighting or carry out maintenance works on your existing lighting systems? You can have instant bright lighting which saves you money and reduces your carbon footprint with an LED Upgrade. There is a wide range of LED lights available including Panel, Bay, Tube, Flood, Spot and Ground lights.

Call Paul Hunt Electrical Installations for a full consultation on the best solutions upgrading and  maintenaning your systems.