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At Paul Hunt Electrical Installations we have the expertise to design and install an emergency lighting system to
your specification from the initial consultation through to complete fitting and testing.

We have experience in fitting systems in locations such as office blocks and industrial units. Emergency lighting is required where artificial lighting is installed, which typically means in the following areas:

- Outside each final exit point
- Near to fire fighting equipment
- Near to corridors and intersections
- Near to stairs and adequate to shine direct light on all treads
- On escape routes
- Open areas greater than 60 square metres
- Areas of special risk
- At any change of direction
- At any changes in floor level
- Near to first aid points

In addition to the initial fitting and testing of your system, we can also offer a regular maintenance and testing schedule so that your emergency lighting complies with BS 5266-1 regulations.

...our clients have come to know that their electrical work is in capable hands.

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